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monovalent adj
1 containing only one kind of antibody [ant: polyvalent]
2 having a valence of 1 [syn: univalent] [ant: polyvalent]

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  1. univalent

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Monovalent may refer to:
  • In chemistry, valence is a measure of the number of chemical bonds formed by the atoms of a given element. Monovalent is a synonym of univalent.
  • Monovalent ions contain one valence electron.
  • In immunology, antivenin (antivenom) can be classified as monovalent when effective against a single species' venom.
  • In immunology, a monovalent vaccine contains vaccine components directed at only one pathogen. A multivalent vaccine (also known as polyvalent) combines several vaccines (such as the MMR vaccine).
  • In philosophy, monovalence is a view of reality that claims existence is eternal.
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